35 Icebreakers Perfect for Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

It could be a skill that contributes to the workplace or their personal life. Maybe someone is great at making an aesthetically-pleasing slideshow while another person meal preps creative foods they bring to work. Everyone will shine in the spotlight for a minute as each person cheers the other.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

You don’t need to be in the same room to enjoy these icebreakers. Workplaces always thrive when everyone knows each other well, but it’s challenging to do that with busy schedules. Consider trying these fun and exciting virtual icebreakers.

Trivia Questions

If you’re kicking off a virtual meeting with a new team, chances are you’re not all located in the same city or region . Have participants describe the city or town where they live, and name something they find iconic about that place. An ice breaker is a meeting activity that is meant to help foster a sense of community and build rapport between colleagues, students, or group members. The key element to better teamwork, whether in person or remote, is connection. The more connected your teammates, coworkers, or employees feel, the more effective and productive the group becomes.

What is a fun ice breaker question for work meeting?

  • Do you have a favorite song to listen to when you need your spirits lifted?
  • What is the most feel-good film you've ever seen?
  • What type of music do you prefer?
  • What's your favorite TV show and why?

Everyone submits their thoughts in chat before the answer gets revealed. Creating a solid team bond can be challenging when there are more than a handful of people at your workplace. Use these remote work icebreakers to help everyone get to know each other. Each team member can visit each presenter’s link while the icebreakers for virtual meetings presenter talks about why they’d stay there. It’ll start conversations about bucket list destinations, vacation activities, and creative rentals like this treehouse in Florida or this modified French cave. Trust is a huge factor and as long as the team can grow together and communicate openly, the culture is there.


These icebreakers are ideal for introducing a new team member, getting your team to open up with each other, discussing simple subjects, and establishing connections. This is one of our personal favourites because it’s a fun and simple way for your team to get to know each other. Getting your employees fired up for a meeting—online or in-person—is about as easy as getting a dog excited for a bath. Alien Invasion.Could you divide up the group and tell them that aliens have landed? Each team has to create five simple drawings to explain what your company does so the aliens will understand. Share the images and look for common themes from team to team.

Give everyone a few minutes to come up with their headline, and then have them share what they wrote. As you guide the discussion, highlight similarities and differences between what people imagine the future will look like. Ask each individual to write a newspaper headline about their industry 10 years from today. If everyone attending your event is from the same company, you can make the headline about the company—sorta a future vision statement. I’m sure you’ve heard of Would You Rather, but we’re guessing it was in a pretty extreme sense.

Discuss favorite movies

Fortunately, there are lots of enjoyable and quick ways to break the ice at your next virtual meeting. In this game, your team will take a page from the popular TV show’s book and pitch ideas to each other. Before your call, ask the team to come up with something they can sell to the group. Pitches can be about objects, services, or activities. Employees will take turns proposing their ideas, and the group can vote on whether or not they would invest.

  • It could be a pen, a paperweight, the clock on the wall, a shoe—anything everyone can see.
  • Open the floor to any follow-up questions about these statements.
  • Everyone can contribute and so you’ll take an instant pulse check on how everyone is feeling before the meeting.
  • It makes its way to the list of best ice breakers for hybrid meetings for this reason.
  • Ensure it’s a city where none of your coworkers live before giving them 10 minutes to find the airport.
  • Employees who feel they are listened to and recognized feel more valued — then become motivated to be more productive.
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